It's no secret that the Dagbe Cultural Institute's backbone is its incredible, hard-working staff, all of whom are lifelong residents of Kopeyia. In addition to fulfilling their official roles as class instructors, groundskeepers and kitchen crew, the staff act as cultural guides for students, making for an immersion experience that is at once exciting and familiar.

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Current Dagbe staff:

  1. Emmanuel Agbeli (Director)
  2. Rubben Agbeli
  3. Odartey Kwashi
  4. Wisdom Kumah
  5. Gloria Sodzedo
  6. Mensah Ali
  7. George Godzor
  8. Enoch Agbeli
  9. Afi Agbeli
  10. Elike Agbeli
  11. Elizabeth Afealeteh
  12. Mary Agamah
  13. David Ekui 
  14. Rose Hlormawu
  15. Eric Gedzah
  16. Mamatoa Ekui
  17. David Gedzah
  18. Jackson Gave
  19. Atsupui Amefianu